Monday, January 26, 2009

25 Things About Me

Okay - so the 25 Things About Me craze has reached all of my Facebook friends and I am now obliged to share two dozenish things that inquiring minds want to know about me… what better medium than my blog. As one friend put it, my blog and Facebook page are “like the operations manual to Becky Pruitt.” So here goes…..

I am a romantic……love the cute nicknames, picnics, candlelight dinners, presents, happy notes, holding hands….the whole shebang - - if it is sappy, think BP

Even as a kid, I joined everything and tried to learn everything - I was in girl scouts, 4-H, church groups (several at once), took baton lessons, piano lessons, dance lessons, gymnastics, craft classes, joined library groups, school groups, leadership groups, community service projects - you name it, I was involved…

I tend to be a complex being - am very girlie but am happiest when I am outside hiking in the mud, sleeping in a tent, swimming in the lake, on a horse moving cattle….

When I am stressed, my house turns looks like it was hit by a tornado - otherwise, I am pretty neat.

I tend to put every man I like into the dreaded “friend box.” If I really like you, it’s like the kiss of death - but it means that I want you around for a while……

Dancing is one of my favorite things to do - - doesn’t even matter what kind - ballroom dancing, salsa dancing, hip hop dancing, disco, little kid dances, the Happy Dance when I do well in golf……I love it all!!

I am terrified of clowns.

Most of the time, I talk to the people driving around me - but it’s typically encouraging…sweetly willing them to turn quicker, drive faster…..I may even make up a cute nickname for them……seriously…’s almost always nice….. “come on sweetie, you can do it…..go ahead…turn…’re okay…turn….come on….” It’s somewhat odd…

Mornings are my favorite time of the day……..there is rarely a morning that I don’t just bubble over with energy.

I have a thing for coats…..and shoes…..and purses…..

My favorite way to travel is “on the fly” - go to Europe with a railpass and a backpack and a rough itinerary and just “go.”

I am terrified of heights…….but am a roller coaster FREAK.

I can speak in front of people without pause, but ask me to sing…….um…..not going to happen.

My car has a name - Carlito - he also has personality……I talk about him so much that people may think we are dating……”Carlito is not happy today…”

I love cows - love to watch them, listen to them eat, smell them

I shop when I am upset……if I can’t shop, then I purge unwanted items out of my closets and drawers.

Writing is my outlet - I feel like I can best express myself when sitting down with my thoughts pen to paper (or fingers on keyboard). I work through most of my issues this way.

I used to teach Sunday School to junior high and high school students. I like to think that I made an impact - or at least gave them perspective - my favorite things to do were (a) standing on chairs (b) throwing candy (c) throwing shoes (d) drawing pictures

I love football - but only like to watch teams I like on tv. Live high school and college football rocks!!

In high school, I hated to run so much that I would get an “F” in PE for the day rather than run.

Not only can I ride a horse and rope a calf, I can also wrestle a 300 pound bull calf to the ground and cut off “the boys” with my pocketknife - a skill I have passed on to my stunningly beautiful daughter **boyfriend take note**. (sexy huh!!)

Bo Duke was going to marry me unless Shawn Cassidy swept me away first.

As a kid, I really thought animals could talk if I listened to them hard enough. I was constantly testing this theory and encouraging them that they could talk to me (yes, I am a dork)……as a result - Grizzly Adams was my hero - I even had his lunch box - in the shape of a log cabin (the top was curved).

I love, love, love to cook! The more complex the recipe, the better...... however, simple things like pancakes, meatloaf and fried chicken give me fits - I just can’t seem to get them right, much to my dismay…

I am a shutterbug - I love to take pictures - absolutely love it!! It’s my creative outlet. To me, pictures record a life….


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Raffi Shahinian said...

Interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing.

I got one up, too (with a twist)...

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Thought you might wanna take a stab at it.

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