Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Plan B for Beautiful

The last two months have been a bit crazy. It seemed like my family was constantly resorting to Plan B…or C…or D…. It didn’t matter if it was one of my children or myself, the initial crafted plan seemed to completely fall apart. This has been a great source of stress and I found myself looking for relief in the bottom of a box (or two) of Tagalongs as if the last cookie would be wrapped in gold and I would be whisked away to Willie Wonka’s factory to live in chocolate delight forever. But, alas, that was not to be and I had to remind myself that Plan B is an opportunity not an obstacle.

There is something beautiful in a Plan B - in the unexpected twist of events - in looking at a situation anew. The beautiful comes in the results….in the reminder that we do not always get to control our world.

For the last year, I had been planning on spending my 40th birthday in Tahiti. My mantra was, “if I have to turn 40, then it will be somewhere fabulous.” Plan B kicked in when my traveling companion couldn’t get the time off of work and I just couldn’t seem to make myself go alone…. (I can’t go to a restaurant alone…much less a vacation). So as my birthday came closer, I knew I needed to plan something, but just couldn’t decide on what to do. In actuality, I was wallowing and pouting (a field of expertise for me). Last year’s party was such a success, I knew I had to do something…but I didn’t know what. People gave their opinions on where to go and what to do and I tried to find a venue that would make everyone happy…..

Four days before my birthday, I decided to have my party at the same place as last year. It is a great venue…..the Upper Room at the Broad Ripple Steakhouse - - classy place, good DJ, nice owner…..I sent out last minute emails to all my friends…..and wasn’t sure if anyone would show up…. I felt the same trepidation last year…and the same delight as friend after friend greeted me with their smiling faces and birthday wishes. It wasn’t Tahiti….but my Plan B turned into a reminder that I am liked….loved…wanted..- a priority for so many wonderful people. Had I stayed in my pouty, wallowing place I would have never experienced it.

Lesson learned - be open to the unexpected….even if it seems disappointing at first. Allow myself to take a risk….to be vulnerable…..to let people in and to always look for that beautiful place amid uncertain circumstances.

When all was said and done….I realized that I did in fact celebrate my birthday somewhere fabulous……in the company of my friends.


Scrapper Dad said...

You are a amazing woman. Wisdom is granted to those who live this life without fear and hesitation. Kinda neat to learn that Fabulous wasn't a venue but it was the ones who love you. Keep up your "real writing" of this blog so others may learn from you. Betty Cook would be proud of you.

Becky P said...

Why thank you! That is a very big compliment....Mrs. Cook taught us all a whole lot! Sometimes it's a bit scary to be so transparent...it's easy to succomb to the negative thought of the day....but then I read your comments and you encourage me so much!