Monday, January 4, 2010

Resolved...the Sequel

January 4th … it really already January 4th?? 2010 is here already?? But wait….I wasn’t ready!!! I am not ready to evaluate 2009….not ready to regain my focus…I just want to stay underneath my covers for another week…to hibernate….and extend my all too short vacation.

 Alas, time moves on whether I want it to or not and according to my tradition, I must evaluate the past year and determine my direction in the year to come *sigh*

Actually, 2009 was a conundrum. conundrum n. A riddle in which a fanciful question is answered by a pun. A paradoxical, insoluble, or difficult problem; a dilemma…. 2009 was simultaneously the best year and the worst year. It brought me gigantic problems and unexpected solutions (or more accurately the “non-solution” solution - which is infinitely more difficult as I am a master “star-aligner”)… 2009 offered tears and joy…. Discovery and “same old same old.” My new years resolutions were mostly unmet but my mission was accomplished…. When I reviewed the first blog of 2009, there are many unchecked items….. but below was my mission statement for 09.. I think I came pretty doggone close….

2009 is the year for:
-taking a risk
-being brave

This is my mission statement for the year: Becky Pruitt strives to be a relational yet organized professional who is connected in her community and seeks to be content and happy in her life. By taking risks and being creative she will broaden her life experiences. Becky is committed to deepening her relationships with her girlfriends through shared experiences and lots of wine and chocolate.

2009 brought:

An unexpected relationship with a man who sees my heart and loves me for who I am…

Painful and difficult family circumstances that tested my resolve….

Deepening relationships with my friends…knowing that I can be real and honest…

New friends…..who have become near and dear to my heart….

Streamlining… activities…my networking….my life

Cooking meals at home again…..YAY!!!!

My first “big girl” party in my home - 30+ people for dinner

Marrying off my daughter in a beautiful ceremony

An empty house

Lessons of communication within a relationship
A renewed dedication to finish my college degree

So….after consuming copious amounts of Blackeyed Peas and Red Beans and Rice for prosperity sake.....evaluating the previous year.....I am ready to announce....drum roll please ……My resolutions ffor 2010 are:

RESOLVED……..I will take more bubble baths-at least 2 per month
 RESOLVED……..I will not use my credit cards
 RESOLVED......I will blog every single week
 RESOLVED……..I will promote my blog better
 RESOLVED……..I will exercise at least 3 times each week
 RESOLVED……..I will streamline my home-including filing and purging unwanted items
RESOLVED......I will travel to Spain in 2010
 RESOLVED……By the end of the year, I will write a book

 Happy New Year!!!


Robby said...

That's a marvelously tall list, diva. Fantastic oodles of luck to you and yours, and let us know how we can help!

Becky P said...

Why thank you, Robby! Your encouragement is the biggest help of all!!! I still remember a time last year when you encouraged me to continue was so encouraging to me and helped me see that I did have a voice. Thank you and Happy New Year!!