Friday, August 20, 2010

Cooking with Grandma

Check out my guest post on  Cooking with Grandma.  After reading it again, I am suddenly hungry!!! 

Here is the link.  Enjoy!

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Marsha said...

I loved your guest blog "Cooking with Grandma". I did a double-take on that picture with your grandmother's knife! I've never seen a knife worn the way that is. I should own a knife that long! My husband and I share the cooking at our house, but he does the cleanup. We've been married almost eight years and I can't begin to tell you how many knives have disappeared in that time. God only knows where they are! LOL Anyway, I'm hoping that some day you'll post your grandmother's Banana Pudding recipe. I'd love to have some good Banana Pudding! I'm really glad that you took the time to cook with your grandmother. All too soon they are gone. Thanks for sharing.