Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Journey of Discovery

It has been a year since I took off my wedding rings, stored them in my jewelry box, and set my course for a life of my own…..a life painted with colors and a brush that I chose - no negotiation, no guilt, no drama….my life - my very own life.

Looking back at the past year, I have learned a thing or two about myself - or maybe I could even say relearned a thing or two… Somehow along the way, I had gotten stuck - I had departed the spunky girl I once knew - the girl who made mud pies and sashayed through her grandmas house in slip-on heels two sizes too big for her - the girl who wanted to change the world - the girl who enjoyed showing people that she could rise to the challenge and then just keep going. That girl seemed a million miles away…but now a year later, I seemed to have found her.

My life is good! I have fabulous girlfriends and amazing guy friends. I surround myself with beautiful things and beautiful people. Although I think I would like to be in a relationship eventually, I am enjoying the process of discovering who I am without another person’s opinion of who I am and who I should be.

Joy has found me and I have embraced her as an old friend!

This marks the second year of my singleness - my year to take risks and push myself to the limits of what I think I can do. I have left the security of the industry I knew - travel and event planning - and have embarked on a new career in real estate. Once again, I have control over my own destiny (as much as a mere human can actually control these things)..and it is exciting!

As my 40th birthday looms around the corner, I remind myself to strive to be brave instead of striving to be safe - to look forwards instead of backwards - to enjoy my journey to the fullest!

The year that started out with tears has ended with joy and promise.

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